Hi! I'm happy you're here!


I’m Carrie.  I’m married to the boy I had a crush on in fourth grade. We have two Ethiopian-born beauties who have given me the gift of being their mommy. We live on an untamed plot of pastures and woods, where I'm learning to love farm life even while my heart beats for neighbors and sidewalks and the sounds of the city.

I live with a soul whose sensitivity meter apparently got stuck on super high power. In other words, no feeling left behind. I’ve had some mean tussles with anxiety, depression, and motherhood shame, and spent too many days thinking I’m the worst, the only one, too much of a mess to be loved.

Maybe you have those days too, days you can’t remember anything good about your one precious life.

 I'm here because I'm on a mission to make note of God’s grace, glittering even in our mistakes. On a search to uncover courage; the kind that shows up, even shaking, to the daunting moments and days. This undeserved grace and unsuspecting courage, It’s here, in my life and in yours too, we just have to learn how to look for it.

This is a space for us to swap honest stories. To remind each other that we aren’t alone. To cheer each other on, give perfectionism the boot, and call good enough pretty-darn-good. To take notice of how hilarious and breathtaking these human moments can be. 


My crème de la crème of life:


Evening walks –laughing with Dave, watching the girls run ahead and grow before our very eyes.

Good stories -the vulnerable kind that make you laugh out loud or cry (out loud optional for crying). Every day you’ll find me reading, writing, telling, or listening to stories.

City sidewalks

Plantain chips

Nature and all things green

Languages and cultures

All the nice animals

Unsuspecting bravery- Courage that comes with a side of shaking. Those sensitive enough to feel the fear, but courageous enough to step up or speak up or show up anyway, have my heart.

Goodness and Mercy –I’m forever moved by the thought that even in my weakest, most screwed up moments, Jesus is present, chasing after me even.

Books- specifically:

For the Love



A Million Miles In A Thousand Years

To Kill A Mockingbird

Love Does

Bird by Bird

What’s So Amazing About Grace?

Rising Strong